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09 June 2011 @ 10:42 pm
It should be noted that the browser Safari does not work well with the site pchat is hosted on.

Please do not use Safari.

If there are any other technical difficulties, please note them in this post so I can add it up here. You can also use this post to help each other should there be a problem that the other pchaters know how to fix.
28 September 2030 @ 05:12 pm

Anyone wanting to join in and be a member of the MGS PChat boards (both the NSFW as well as the SFW ones) must fill out the form below. It's very simple to do and easy to get accepted. All one needs to do is reply to this post with your lj account and provide us with this information:

  • A link to your account on an alternate site such as DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (Please do not link to a site that uses a different language then English as we will automatically assume you did that because you are a troll and you linked it because we would be less likely to be able to confirm that it's actually you.)

  • Contact info such as AIM, MSN, E-Mail, etc. Any way we can contact you. (Don't be a smart ass and put down your phone number.)
  • Your current age. (You can lie if you wish, but you must be prepared for the consequences in doing so. Don't tell anyone if you do.)

You only need to provide one of each, however the more info you give the more likely you will be accepted. (Except for the age thing, because if you have more then one age then uhh....)

After submitting this form, please go here and click 'Join'. 

Keep in mind that you might not get accepted immediately. Sometimes it will take a few minutes, sometimes it may take 30 days.

That's really all that's it.